Moringa in early winter: A natural shield for health

21 Sep 2023 | Health and Moringa, Immune system

The arri­val of win­ter brings with it its own set of changes: col­der tem­pe­ra­tures, shor­ter days and a grea­ter pro­pen­si­ty for infec­tions. That’s why ear­ly win­ter is the ideal time to include Morin­ga in your diet. 

This power­ful plant can be your natu­ral shield to boost your immune sys­tem, help you cope with the rigors of the cold sea­son and main­tain your vita­li­ty. Here are some convin­cing rea­sons to take Morin­ga in ear­ly winter.

● Strengthening the immune system

Morin­ga is a veri­table bomb of vita­mins and mine­rals, essen­tial for boos­ting your immune sys­tem. By regu­lar­ly consu­ming this plant, you can help your body bet­ter defend itself against viruses and infec­tions com­mon in win­ter, such as colds and flu. You’ll be bet­ter equip­ped to resist sea­so­nal attacks and stay in shape throu­ghout the cold season.

Rich in vita­mins, the pow­der boosts the immune sys­tem, which is espe­cial­ly impor­tant when win­ter begins, i.e. around Decem­ber 21. Each trace ele­ment in the pro­duct plays a spe­ci­fic role in sti­mu­la­ting white blood cells.

Immune System

● Protection against Free Radicals

Win­ter can be a dif­fi­cult time for the skin, as it is expo­sed to exter­nal aggres­sions and free radi­cals that can damage skin cells. Morin­ga is rich in antioxi­dants, such as fla­vo­noids and poly­phe­nols, which help neu­tra­lize free radi­cals and pro­tect your skin from damage. By inclu­ding this plant in your win­ter rou­tine, you can pre­serve your skin’s radiance des­pite harsh wea­ther conditions.

The antioxi­dants in this die­ta­ry sup­ple­ment play a key role in pro­tec­ting against oxi­da­tive stress during the win­ter months.

● Maintaining vitality

Win­ter can be a time when fatigue and low ener­gy levels are com­mon. Morin­ga is a natu­ral source of ener­gy thanks to its iron, vita­min A and potas­sium content. 

To look after your health, opt for a diet rich in vita­mins. By consu­ming this die­ta­ry sup­ple­ment, you can boost your ener­gy and feel more dyna­mic, which is essen­tial for coping with the cold, dark days of winter. 

● Respiratory Health Support

Win­ter often brings its share of res­pi­ra­to­ry pro­blems, such as upper res­pi­ra­to­ry tract infec­tions. Morin­ga has anti-inflam­ma­to­ry pro­per­ties that can help soothe infla­med air­ways and relieve cold and cough symptoms. 

By taking this die­ta­ry sup­ple­ment at the start of win­ter, you can bet­ter pro­tect your­self against these sea­so­nal incon­ve­niences. The trace ele­ments present in the pro­duct play a cru­cial role in main­tai­ning good res­pi­ra­to­ry health.

Morin­ga is a veri­table bomb of vita­mins and minerals.

● Source of Essential Nutrients for your Health

As a die­ta­ry sup­ple­ment, Morin­ga offers a wealth of essen­tial nutrients to com­bat pre­ma­ture aging. 

Win­ter can make it har­der to access cer­tain fresh, nutri­tious foods. Morin­ga is a com­plete source of essen­tial nutrients, inclu­ding pro­tein (bet­ween 22% and 28%), vita­mins and mine­rals, which can make up for poten­tial defi­cien­cies during this period. 

By inclu­ding Morin­ga in your diet, you can ensure you get an extra dose of these vital nutrients to main­tain your ove­rall health. Taking care of your diet, with oily fish and green tea, is also essen­tial for robust immunity.

● Infusion

So why not start the day with a Morin­ga­Boost VITALITY infusion?

Based on Morin­ga, Guayu­sa and Cur­cu­ma, it has been crea­ted to pro­vide the antioxi­dants and ener­gy nee­ded to get through a dyna­mic day, while streng­the­ning the immune system.

Used since time imme­mo­rial in Ayur­ve­dic medi­cine, rich in pro­tein, potas­sium, vita­min A and antioxi­dants, this plant also contains 20 ami­no acids, inclu­ding the 8 essen­tial ones, such as Leu­cine, essen­tial for muscle rebuilding.

Rich in caf­feine, ami­no acids, vita­mins and antioxi­dants, Guayu­sa helps improve concen­tra­tion and boost ener­gy. Guayu­sa contains theo­bro­mine, which helps reduce fatigue and sti­mu­late adre­na­lin, and L‑Theanine, which increases sero­to­nin and dopa­mine production.

These pre­cious ingre­dients are com­ple­men­ted by Tur­me­ric, which contains power­ful antioxi­dants and offers extra­or­di­na­ry anti-inflam­ma­to­ry properties.

Scen­ted with lemon­grass and lemon zest, and swee­te­ned with a light touch of Ste­via, a hot mug in the mor­ning and ano­ther in the ear­ly after­noon will give you the antioxi­dants and ener­gy you need for the whole day!

Tip: infuse 2 teas­poons of Morin­ga­Boost VITALITY infu­sion per 250 ml of water at 80° for 6 minutes.

● Conclusion

Our know­ledge of Moringa’s bene­fits is constant­ly being upda­ted, revea­ling its poten­tial to boost the immune sys­tem. The onset of win­ter is the ideal time to take this die­ta­ry sup­ple­ment and enjoy its many health bene­fits.

By streng­the­ning your immune sys­tem, pro­tec­ting your skin, main­tai­ning your vita­li­ty and pro­vi­ding your body with essen­tial nutrients, it can be your best ally during the cold sea­son. Don’t hesi­tate to include this pre­cious plant in your diet to help you get through the win­ter in top form and main­tain your well-being all win­ter long.

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